Fleeing Venezuela, migrants flood Colombia amid region’s worst humanitarian crisis in decades (USA Today)

Lis Torrealba, a teenage mother from Venezuela, is perched on the edge of a milling street in downtown Medellin, Colombia, the same way she came to the country: alone, with her one-year-old daughter swaddled in the crook of her arm. Torrealba is one of the 1 million Venezuelans who have landed in Colombia, fleeing political turmoil, starvation and a situation growing increasingly desperate.

Colombia's Displaced People Find Home by Transforming What's Discarded (Sojourners)

It was 32 years ago that guerillas and armed forces rolled into the Elsy Torreglosa Gallego’s small Colombian town and violence erupted. Torreglosa, one of the South American country's 7.5 million displaced, fled to Moravia, the place for what Colombia discarded.

Passage Prevented: Trump’s border wall threatens delicate wildlife habitat (Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting)

President Trump's long-touted campaign promise of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border would ravage one of the the biodiverse regions of North America and cut off the migration patterns of dwindling and endangered species in both countries. | Featured by HuffPost

Colombia stepping on press freedoms, especially among foreign journalists (Poynter)

Colombia's government in December 2017 changed the country's immigration rules, making it near impossible for foreign journalists to get the visas they need to report on the country. After 12 journalists' were unable to obtain visas, two of which were forced out of the country, press freedom organizations accused the government of a "collective censorship" of the foreign press.

‘Should I be planning for the worst?’: Uncertainty looms as DREAMers fight for justice (ThinkProgress)

Maria Socorro Leon Pena, a 20-year-old 'Dreamer' from Mexico, grew up in the shadows until the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals allowed her to work and support her undocumented family in Arizona. When the Trump administration called for the end of DACA in 2017, Pena journeyed across the United States to tell her story to Congress.

Mexicans work to reclaim corn as their own (Southwest Borderlands Initiative/Howard G Buffett Foundation) 

As tensions between U.S. and Mexico escalate and NAFTA, the trade deal that tethers the two countrys' economies together, politicians and small farmers in the rural central Mexico see the shift as an opportunity to reclaim the lives NAFTA took away from them. | SPJ Mark of Excellence Finalist, Arizona Press Club Award: Community Immigration Reporting & Statewide Immigration Reporting

Trump picks top Koch recipient for secretary of state (OpenSecrets.org)

Before Mike Pompeo was Secretary of State for the Trump administration, the political career of the once-dubbed "Congressman from Koch" was paved by Koch Brothers' money. | Cited by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on the Senate floor at Pompeo’s confirmation hearing and printed in its entirety on the Congressional Record.

It runs in her culture': Spelling bees transforming one Navajo community (The Arizona Republic)

Two-time Scripps National Spelling Bee competitor Kelly Haven had a message to send as she took the national stage: “I am here and I am Navajo.”

Flake, witnesses recall ‘indiscriminate firing’ at lawmakers in attack (Arizona PBS/Cronkite News) 

Republican congressman were practicing for their annual charity baseball game when “indiscriminate firing” rang out from a gunman targeting the politicians. | 2nd Place Hearst Journalism Award for Breaking News, interviewed about reporting by BBC World Service. I was one of the first reporters on the scene when shots were fired.

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